Results from recent studies implicate multiple pathways for persister formation

Mycobacterial persisters, the survivors from antibiotic exposure, necessitate the lengthy treatment of tuberculosis (TB) and pose a significant challenge for our control of the disease. We suggest that persisters in TB are heterogeneous in nature and comprise various proportions of mbt flame the population depending on the circumstances; the mechanisms of their formation are complex and may be related to those required for persistence in mbt boots  chronic infection.

Results from recent studies implicate multiple pathways for persister formation, including energy production, the stringent response, global regulators, the trans-translation pathway, proteasomal protein degradation, toxin-antitoxin modules, and transporter or efflux mechanisms. A combination of specifically persister-targeted approaches, such as… catching them when active and susceptible either by stimulating them to “wake up” mbt wingu or by intermittent drug dosing, mbt night the development of new drugs.

The use of appropriate drug mbt moja  combinations, and combined mbt boots sale chemotherapy and immunotherapy, may be needed for more effective elimination of persisters and better treatment of TB. Variations in levels of persister formation and in host genetics can play a role in the outcome of clinical treatment, and thus, these may entail personalized treatment regimens.

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