Between January 1980 and December 1994, seventeen premature infants weighing less than 2500 g underwent surgical management for the isolated patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Indometacine therapy for closure of PDA was not mbt tataga effective for all these patients. In terms of mbt trainers john lewis the body weight at birth, they were divided into two groups; mbt shoes canada Group I (G-I) consisted of ten patients with birth weight less than 1000 g and Group II (G-II) of seven patients weighing more than 1000 g. The age at operation was 22.1 +/- 15.4 days in the G-I and 14.3 +/- 11.4 mbt shoes ebay days in the G-II. The ductus was ligated in all patients but one of the G-II, in whom it was divided.

There were five (50%) hospital deaths in the G-I and none in the G-II. The causes of death in the G-I were related to necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in two… and infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS), mbt calgary acute mbt sandals renal failure, and broncho-esophagial fistula in each. The age at operation tended to be older in nonsurvivors rather than in survivors in the G-I (28.0 +/- 16.8 days vs. 16.2 +/- 14.0 days, respectively, but the difference did not reach significance).

Before surgery, all patients in the G-I required mechanical ventilator support and nine of them were associated with IRDS. In contrast, mbt shoes toronto only two patients in the G-II needed mechanical ventilation preoperatively. The postoperative period of intubation was also significantly longer in the G-I than in the G-II (51.6 +/- 35.2 days vs. 2.2 +/- 1.5 days, respectively, p.

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