In this study we examine determinants of mbt trainers john lewis intended condom use with casual and steady sex partners among drug users

Our aim was to mbt uk sale find out whether anticipated regret and psychopathology represent additional factors in explaining condom use behaviour, on top of the constructs defined in traditional psychosocial models of behaviour. A questionnaire measuring intentions, attitude, beliefs, personal norm, mbt shoes canada subjective norm, descriptive norm, self-efficacy and anticipated regret mbt pata toward condom use with steady and casual sex partners, and the Symptom Checklist ’90 (to measure dimensions of psychopathology) were handed mbt outlet milano out to 150 Dutch drug users.

The results showed that intended condom use with steady sex partners was mainly predicted by self-efficacy, mbt calgary personal norm and anticipated regret (total R… 2 = 0.41). Lower feelings of hostility and a more positive personal norm, subjective norm and attitude significantly predicted intended condom use with casual sex partners (total R 2 = 0.24).

The results also showed that intended condom use with steady sex partners seems to result from anticipating possible barriers, mbt shoes toronto whereas condom use with casual sex partners is largely a matter of having safe sex norms. Practical implications of this study for Aids-preventive campaigns are also discussed.

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